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I overslept my doctor's appointment.

I know it sounds stupid, because it IS stupid. I needed to go get another checkup because my old doctor didn't fill my medical form out correctly when I renewed my driver's license, and I got a letter saying it'll be revoked on September 7th.

However, the guy that fucked it up was let go, and to have it filled out again, I needed to have another checkup. Don't ask me why, I found it pretty stupid myself. But since my old doctor got fired, they don't have any diabetic doctors on staff. The guy I was supposed to see today is only helping out two days a month or some other ridiculous thing.

I set my alarm. I had a bad night and I decided to take a nap before the appointment, and I set my alarm. But the stupid thing didn't go off. I should have gotten a new one years ago, it's done this before. But it hadn't in awhile, so I thought I'd be okay. No such luck.

An hour after my appointment time, I woke up and freaked out. I called the clinic and was told that there are no available appointments with this guy until October. So basically, I am utterly fucked when it comes to driving. My license will be revoked on September 7th and there isn't a goddamn thing I can do.

Granted, I shouldn't have overslept. But I don't see how it's my fault that the guy they fired was incompetent. I'm losing my license because he filled the form out wrong, and because i can't find a doctor to fill it out correctly. So, since I have a medical condition, I don't get to drive although I did every single fucking thing I was supposed to.

I don't drive, I'm terrified of it. I don't even want to. But I worked so hard to get the license in the first place that I want to keep it. I paid a lot of money to take driving classes, I passed them, and I passed all my driving tests. I'm diabetic but I'm medically fit to drive. But I can't. This has happened before, with another doctor at the free clinic. Apparently, you have to be rich to have things filled out correctly. I'd love to go to a real doctor and have them do it, but I don't have a spare thousand to throw away.

It's a status symbol. I don't want the license to drive, I want it because I worked hard for it and earned it and they're taking it away for a very stupid reason. I love that it was my doctor that fucked up, yet I get penalized for it. I just want to be a real person.
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Well, not really driving woes, more like driver's license woes. But they still suck, lol.

Being diabetic, to renew my license I need to have my doctor fill out a form listing my medications and stating that in their professional opinion, I'm safe to drive. I had to get the same thing filled out when I initially got my license too. That doesn't bother me; I think it's a good idea. What bothers me is that my doctors are a group of idiots lacking medical licensure in the first place.

First case: I got my driver's license at the ripe old age of 20. My stepmom was a raging bitch and wouldn't allow me to take it in high school, which is why I didn't get it at 16. Anyway, when I first got it, I had my doctor at the free clinic fill out the medical form.

It would have been fine, if the "doctor" that filled it out hadn't been a Physician's Assistant rather than a licensed doctor. She still filled out the form and called herself an MD, and when the State saw that, they revoked my license. When that happened, I had to find another doctor, one who was actually an MD, to fill out the form. Luckily, one did, and although it took about three months until it was all taken care of, I got my license back.

Second case: the four-year mark was coming up on birthday this year, September 19th. I got the form in the mail and instructions on renewing the license. I took the form to my doctor right away, and he filled it out. Or so I thought. When I got to the DMV, the clerk said he hadn't put his license number and some other things, but she called the office and said she got it straightened out.

Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from the State. It said that my doctor didn't fill the form out correctly, and that it wasn't signed. I know his signature was on it, so either he isn't a licensed doctor or the State fucked up. Sometimes they do, it's not out of the question.

I have 30 days to have them fill out the form again so I can send it back to the State. If I don't get it sent back in that time, I lose my license. The "doctor" that filled it out has left the clinic, though. So I'm thinking I'm pretty much fucked. If this guy wasn't a doctor anyway, why would any of the others be?

What gets me is that if he isn't a licensed physician, he shouldn't have signed the form to begin with. It says in bold, right under the signature line, that only a licensed physician can sign it. if he isn't one and he signed it anyway, isn't that against the law? How can people claim to be licensed doctors when they aren't?

Now, I know driving is a privilege and it's not a life and death matter. But I feel cheated. I did everything I was supposed to. I took care of my disease the best I could. I went to all my appointments. I took my medication. I followed my doctor's orders. And now I'm going to lose my license not because of anything I did or didn't do, but because my doctors are fucking idiots. How is it MY fault that they can't fill out a form correctly? I filled out my part.

I don't drive. But I still want my license because I have earned it, and it should be my choice to use it or not. I learned and I took the tests and I passed and I feel I should have the license. I feel like a second-class citizen when I don't have it.


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