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Okay, so this Swiss chick is really fucking annoying. She's nice enough, but Jesus Christ.

Tonight I needed to do laundry, so I put my clothes in and set the machine. It was set for 48 minutes on cold water, like I always have it. I put it in at 18:00, and started it. No problems.

I just went to the kitchen, where SwissBitch is cooking (which she does every day for at least three hours and makes faces when I go in there for any reason during that time). It's after 19:00 now and the machine says it still has 43 minutes left.

I was confused, and even moreso when she asked me if they were my clothes. Um, we're the only two people here, whose fucking clothes do you think they are? Then she asked me what the timer meant, if that was how many minutes were left. I said yes.

She HAD to have touched it. She just HAD to. She's the only one that's been in there, and it was working perfectly fine when I was in there before. Then she asks me "So it will be there for two hours, yes?"

I mean, I don't care if she fucked up and did something to it. But don't act all fucking innocent like you didn't touch the thing. She had to, there's no one else here. I just hope this doesn't hurt my clothes. If it does, I will be royally pissed off.

Also, the day after she moved in she asked if she could use my electrical adapter since she didnt do her research before she came and only brought a European one. I said she could, and she said she'd give it back the next day. That was Monday evening. It is now Thursday evening, and so far I have heard nothing from her about it. So, I asked if I could have it back, since my phone has gone three days without charging. She told me "I'm using it, tomorrow I'll give it back." Um, what? It's my fucking adapter! I don't wanna be rude, but fuck.

I don't know how they do things in Switzerland, but Jesus. I just feel she's pretty rude. Then the other night I came hoem with some groceries. I have a little fridge in my room, but I couldn't fit all the stuff in it (it's only a little beer fridge lol). She takes over the kitchen for at least three hours a night, and I went in there to put my extra food in the kitchen fridge. She gave me a funny look and said "You can put that somewhere in there if there's room." I wanted to smack her.

I've been here longer than she has and have been using that fridge since I moved in. I fucking KNOW I can put my food in there, I don't need her permission to do so.

I kinda get the feeling that she hasn't had roommates before, she's not very respectful. I fucking hate it. At least she's only here for five more weeks, and when she leaves I'll be going to Sweden.


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