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Okay, so usually I'm not too concerned when new music comes out, but the past week or so has been fucking awesome and I wanted to share. I downloaded Ladytron's new album and am really liking that, and I learned that Alanis has a new one out too. Say what you will, I think she's a great musician and I really admire her. I have since my aunt Lori, who is the most awesome family member ever to exist, got me into her back when i was about 12 or so. Maybe younger, I can't remember now. Anyway, I'm really digging her album too. It's sort of a mix of moods, and she does have some emo breakup songs, but her lyrics are exceptional so it's still great stuff. She gets a bit ideological on it, which is perfectly fine with me. I likes. Muchly.

My aunt, when she gave me a ride to hospital to see my grandpa last Wednesday, mentioned to me that she was going to see Sheryl Crow that night at our local venue. Now, I've never been in love with Sheryl or anything, but I do like her, so I gave some serious thought to going. Unfortunately my feet did not agree, and after a day in tennis shoes they flatly refused to let me walk anywhere when I got home. So, i had to miss the show and I'm still a little peeved at that, but I also found out that Sheryl has a new album out as well. Which makes sense, as she's touring and all. lol. I still need to get it, but from what I understand she has some very angry songs on it, which I think is a great. I love it when musicians are real, and she was obviously pissed off over the Lance Armstrong fiasco, so I'm looking forward to it.

Now, on to what has induced my happy: Nine Inch Nails is touring this summer, and they're going to Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis, so I'm going to go see them. I never really got into them back when they were really popular, but I absolutely adore their acoustic project that was released recently. I went back and listened to songs from their popular period, and I officially like them. A lot. They're offering an EP for download on their site, and I thought I'd share with whoever reads this. It's full of experimental indie electronica, and I kinda dig it.

Tis here:


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