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So, I started my old job at the Rock Island Arsenal last Tuesday. It's on a military base, blocking out social security numbers and other identifying stuff from county documents and records. Really boring and monotonous, but it feels kinda good to have security clearance and to work for the Army, even if I hate the military on general principle. I feel like a grown up. lol

However, I'm working here through a temp agency, as the company loses so many people that they only hire on directly after a couple years. This is because it's project-based work, and it can be a month between projects where people are laid off. This can be a problem because a lot of them don't come back when more work comes in, understandably. People need to make money and I'm no exception, but this project is supposed to last until early December so I figured it'd be enough for me before the move.

Anyway, they also have SUPER strict attendance rules. Which I suppose makes sense. There are no real qualifications needed to work there and the job is tedious as hell. I happen to like it since I don't have to interact with anyone all day and can listen to my music in peace, but a lot of people can't stand it. So, their attendance policy is that you MUST be there all day, every day for the first five days of training, and it's on a case by case basis after that.

Yesterday was my last day of training. On Saturday night, between 6 and 7pm, I got a horrendous toothache, with pain shooting up into my right eye. The area around the tooth is swollen and extremely tender, so much so that if I take a sip of room temperature water it feels like someone shot me in the face. Even my wisdom teeth didn't hurt this badly.

Now, I've needed dental work for years. I've had no insurance so I haven't been to a dentist at all in a decade. I'm very obsessive about brushing, though, and I do that at least four times a day if not more. I also floss and use mouthwash. However, my teeth have been fucked up since they came in and there are many crooked and out of alignment ones that are hard to clean thouroughly. I try my best, but without regular dental care, I know I have cavities.

One of my right top incisors has been coming away from the gum for years now. It hasn't hurt before, but the hole has been increasing and I knew it was only a matter of time. Saturday turned out to be that time, of all the rotten things. The timing absolutely sucks, but what can I do except go get it taken care of in any way possible? I hurt. A fucking LOT.

Anyway, I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday calling every dental office in the phone book, hoping I could find one to take an emergency patient on the weekend so I wouldn't miss work. No dice. The earliest I could get in was Monday, at a low cost clinic across the river. I knew I'd be fired for taking time off during my training, so I went to work instead. Told my boss the situation and asked if there was any way I could go. She responded "You can't miss any time during your first five days." Okay. I asked about the next day. She said she wasn't sure and would have to ask her supervisor. The supervisor okayed it, but my boss asked me to try to come back in after.

I figured that was as good as I was likely to get, so I accepted. My job starts at 6:30am, and the dental clinic opened this morning at 7:30. I was the fifth person in line. The four in front of me were given forms to fill out. I and all the people behind me were told "There are only two dentists here since we're open until 8pm tonight. All of you need to come back at 11:30 this morning."

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. Had I known, I could have gone to work until 10:30 and still gotten a half day, and my bosses wouldn't have been as pissy. Now I have to be home the whole damn day, and who knows if there will even be anyone later on? Especially since they can't do everything at this clinic and refer people to other places a lot anyway...that'll be AT LEAST two days off work, right after training.

Now, I DID complete training and this is an emergency situation. It's not like I didn't say a word yesterday to anyone, woke up this morning and thought "ho-hum, I'm gonna call in because I just happen to feel like sleeping in today!!11" Nope, they all know the situation and I told them about this in advance. I'll probably have to take another day off this week, and guess what? I told them that's probably happen, too. They know I'm in a lot of pain and they know I'm not faking, they can see how swollen my mouth is. So basically...if they fire me, meh. It'll suck and I'll be upset, but honestly, this job only pays minimum wage and if they're going to fire me over something like this when I've completed the required training, they can suck the cock I don't have.

And now, off the dentist. Again. Hopefully with some sort of result this time.


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