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GIS bores me to tears. I adore maps and thought that a program in Geographical Information Systems would allow me to gain insight into making them, at least to an extent. I knew it wasn't cartography and that the good majority of the course dealt with specific software, but I still was under the impression that it was a mapping program. Not does deal with maps, but not in any way that's interesting to me. When I complete the program, I can be a land surveyor, and honestly I just do not care. I have no desire whatsoever to be a land surveyor or anything of the sort.

When I signed up for it, my main objective was simply to gain admission to a Swedish university in order to obtain a student residence permit and live here until the degree was completed. I did gain admission, but as the Migration Board likes to go in circles with its rules, it did me no good residence-permit wise. I fought, too. The entire summer was spent appealing, being told completely opposite things by Lund Uni and Migrationsverket, and struggling to understand just why I was being continually denied. In short, none of my appeals mattered. The case went to the highest court in Sweden, and they refused to even HEAR it. So, despite being a full time student at a Swedish university and receiving student aid that amounts to about 146,000SEK an academic year, I did not receive a student permit and am here as a tourist on an extended visit.

I COULD go to the expense of hiring a Swedish attorney and actually bringing the case before the court, and legally I'd stand a good chance of winning. But by the time I got the money to do it and actually went through the process, I'll be over 30. It just doesn't seem worth it for a degree I don't really care about lol.

Since gaining admission to a Swedish school did me no good, I don't really feel compelled to continue a degree that I care nothing about. I've been looking into graduate programs back home since I really miss the entire campus experience. I'm far too late to apply for the fall, but perhaps next spring or even next fall, should I choose to do so.

The only problem is that Ive fallen in love with Pite and have no desire to leave. As a tourist I'll have to eventually, yes, but I can come back after 90 days outside the Schengen area. If I pursue an on-campus program I wont be able to come back to stay for any significant length of time.

In my searching, however, I did come upon an online master's degree in History from the University of Nebraska. Online History Degree The requirements are pretty steep, so I'd more than likely have to complete a Graduate Certificate before I started the Master's program, but I adore history and that really wouldn't bother me much. I'd be able to spend a good deal of time in Pite too since the degree is online.

I don't know. I'm really at a sort of crossroads here. I can do basically anything I want when it comes to furthering my education, I just don't now exactly where or in what format. The degree in history would interest me, though. Guess I need to think hard about it and weigh my options. I did contact the head of the History Department at UNK and asked about the graduate certificate, though. I guess I'll wait to hear.

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