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So absolutely incredible. I was starting to think I'd never see them; I've been visiting bestfriend in northern Sweden in winter for a year and a half and hadn't yet, so I wasn't expecting it.

I'm so glad she smokes. She told me to go outside and look. I'd known they're beautiful; seen plenty of videos and pictures. But I wasn't prepared for just HOW beautiful they actually are. They MOVE. Like, they're never in one spot. They're constantly moving and shifting and the light pulses through them like heartbeats, and the colors shift from green to silver and white, and sometimes there's purple and blue sparkling in there too. They dance with each other and move all over the sky like some kind of serpent. I'm not sure the ancient Chinese ever saw them but it'd damn well explain the paintings of dragons and serpents in the sky lol.

I used to watch documentaries about Alaska and Greenland and various astronomy things on the Discovery channel, and I remember thinking that I was very envious of the people who lived so far north being able to see such amazing things. I never really thought I'd get to; I thought things like that were reserved for people other than me. People more worthy, maybe.

I'm still overwhelmed. That much beauty concentrated into one space in time seems completely unbalanced to me, but not wrong. I'm not sure how to describe it in any fitting way other than the word amazing. If anything could tip my agnosticism toward a deity, this would be it. I understand now why people believe in God. If I weren't so damn jaded, I might join them.

The universe astounds me sometimes. That much beauty shouldn't be possible. It humbles me. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing, incredible life such wonderful people to share it with. I do not deserve this much goodness and love, but I am sincerely grateful for it. The world is an incredible place sometimes, probably more than I notice. I should look harder and appreciate more.

I love my best friend very very dearly. I hope she knows that, and I'm so happy she shared this with me. <3
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