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Had a meeting with my new caseworker today. Had absolutely no idea what to expect going in, and apparently she was a bit confused as well. She had my file, and it shows that I was denied a student permit several times. She then said that since it's taken the office in Malmö so long to decide my most recent application, I haver the right to appeal.

When I applied, it was for a three month extension of stay. This was because I met so many awesome people, and wanted to stay a bit longer. I never intended to stay permanently. I'd been denied a student permit, and while I still think that denial is bullshit, it's over and done and I accept and respect their decision.

New caseworker lady seemed to think that I was trying to deceive the government, though. She read me the decision (was all in Swedish and pretty long, so I'm grateful for that) and apparently the Malmö office was mad that I hadn't shown them a return flight ticket. They also thought that since I'd been denied a student permit, I was trying to find any way to stay here permanently. Not the case, but I can see how they'd think that.

What gets me about that though, is that tickets from here to the States cost almost a thousand US dollars. Why the hell would I have bought one before I applied for the extension? If it had been approved, obviously I couldn't have flown home. And if I didn't know the date I'd be leaving, how could I be expected to book a flight anyway? It'd cost either a fortune to buy a rebookable ticket or a fortune to change the date.

Bah. Anyway. New casewoker lady had the decision, but I never got a copy of it. It was never sent to me. This seemed to surprise my caseworker, but it...kinda seems to be the way things work with these people lol. Apparently they didn't make a decision until May 28th anyway lol. Fucking slackers. But since it took them so long, caseworker says I have the right to appeal. I have three weeks to decide, and then if I do appeal, she says it'll take either several or seven months for the next decision. I'm assuming she said several since seven seems a bit excessive lol. But either way, I guess.

She says she thinks I should go home, that I can come back in three months. And that I knew the rules before coming, yada yada. This was said in a tone as if I'd had it planned all along and did this on purpose to mislead them. Uh, no. Yes, I knew the rules, and I followed them...they didn't give me a student permit. I came for a 3 month stay, and applied for an extension because I met friends and wanted to stay longer. I wasn't trying to deceive anyone, and it was never my intention to stay permanently. They think it was, but I guess that's on them since there's really nothing I can do to DISPROVE it. Then again, they can't really prove it, either.

Caseworker highly recommended going home. I can see that; they're not gonna approve me, they think I'm trying to stay for good. But I feel I'm within my rights to be here as long as it's legal, even if I'm just waiting for them to deny me.

So, I don't know. I think I'm going to appeal and hopefully get to stay long enough for my next check to come.
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