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Especially when it comes to apartments, and having two fantastic options at one time is a bit unusual for me.

My current landlady is wonderful, and she's been super good to me. But my previous landlord (for anyone who doesn't know, I rented a trailer in another small town called Skyttorp for about 6 months last year) has the small apartment in his house proper up for rent starting the first of November. He's offered to lower his asked rent to 3000kr a month for me, since he liked having me as a tenant before and would like to have me again. The ad is here:
For comparison, a derpy Youtube video of my current place is here:

For the record, I'm used to being poor, to the point where I accepted any room/apartment that came my way. That's...a little bit of the reason I ended up in my current place, although I do love it.

You see, it's in a very small town called Tobo, about half an hour's train ride from Uppsala. Which is no big deal, I don't mind the ride. But the train station is about a mile from my house, half a mile outside town itself, and while there's a lighted path from it, it's through the middle of the forest and pretty damned creepy to walk at night.

Of course, there are buses available, but they only run to my town every two hours most of the day. A bit more frequently in busy times, once an hour, but still. A bit of an annoyance since I have Swedish classes on Wednesday nights, and have to wait either an hour and a half at the train station for the bus home or walk the creepy mile.

Also, the current place has no shower. My landlady shares hers with me, but I don't have free access to it and can only use it when she's home, which can be annoying since she works full time and goes out quite a bit, and often leaves for the weekend to stay with her boyfriend. Which is fine, I've been making it work using the shower at the gym, but public showers are just something I do not like and it'd be really nice to have my own.

I also don't have a freezer or an oven in this place. It's been okay, I make do with what I can do on the stovetop/hotplate thing I have, but it would be damn nice to have a real kitchen again.

Price-wise, the places are actually pretty comparable. The current place is 2200kr per month, all inclusive with really good broadband and TV (not that I have a TV, but if I did the cable package is pretty nice), but the month long transit card is 840kr on top of that, so I'm already paying a tiny bit over 3000 to live here before food costs. The apartment would be 3000kr per month, also all inclusive, with broadband and TV, but the transit card is 525kr for that town. So, 3040kr for this place, and 3525 for the apartment...I'm thinking it might be worth it, to be so close to the train and have buses running every hour, a shower of my own, and an actual kitchen.

But, again, I suck at decisions! I'm asking for help here because I'm honestly lost as to which is the better choice. While I'm not rich by any means, when my loan comes in I'll be able to afford the new place, and it'll be a hell of a lot easier to work at the student nations at night when I have a block to walk rather than a creepy mile through the woods. xD But is it the smart choice? I really don't know.
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