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I'm sure everyone's heard of the shootings in Arizona by now. And I'm sure that pretty much everyone reading this knows how badly I've wanted to leave America for years. This event has made me feel unsafe in my own country. Yes, the gunman was clearly not right in the head, but...the fact that a prominent if often joked about politician ran this ad not long beforehand?

I mean, what the holy hell IS that?? A list of names and crosshairs spread over the map indicating where the people on the list are. Okay, I'm sure Palin didn't actually MEAN it to be taken literally, but...come on, woman, you live in America. Alaska, yeah, but you're still an American and you fucking know what the gun culture is here. What on earth would EVER possess you to post something like that? And you wonder why so many people hate you. The bad part is that for every sensible, goodhearted American who despises you and what you stand for, there are one or more who fully support you. Sometimes, like this one, quite literally.

I think what scares me the most about all this is that this list is targeting those who voted for the new "universal" (HA!) health plan. What the everloving fuck is wrong with people? A nine year old girl was shot and killed, along with many others. Way too many. And that makes me sick. And scared.

I've been scared to live here for a long time. Instances like this are far too common. The health care is abysmal, and this incident just proves how completely fucking moronic a good portion of the country is about universal health care systems. I've been told I'm less than human my entire life based on who I love, and I simply do not feel in any way comfortable trying to plan out any sort of life in this country.

I believe in revolution. Wholeheartedly. And I do think America can live up to the tiniest bit of its potential if it drops all the arrogance, ignorance and pretense. But a nation, or at least a man fueled by a political campaign driven by hatred and violence, that makes war on children at a grocery store on a weekend is not a place I want to live.

Call it an overreaction. At this point I honestly don't care.


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