Oct. 29th, 2008 05:21 am
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i cant sleep and i was looking on the website for UmeƄ University, and they finally posted the deadlines for the fall. (they were for fall of 2008 when I last checked a couple weeks ago...makes sense). Anyway, due to the large number of applicants for programs in English, the deadline is January 15th.

I'm really freaking out about this and I don't exactly know why. I mean, the deadline for last year was the beginning of February, how much does two weeks really matter? Still, it worries me.

I can apply beginning the first of December, which I'm totally going to. The only issue is that I need to have my advisor send me a letter, which details my last semester and when I'm slated to graduate. This wouldn't be a big deal, but American universities usually have a break over the holidays, so...yeah. I may very well be totally fucked.

Still, it appears that since it's a supporting document I can have my advisor mail it directly to the university. That might actually be required since it says that documents need to be sent from the school.

I'm just freaking out. I have to get five transcripts sent from different schools, as well as my high school one...which may be an issue since as far as I know the request has to be made in person and I really dont have the funds to fly back to Illinois JUST for that. The uni says high school records are optional, but that I should send them if i want to take Swedish classes or whatever. Which I don't know that I'll need to do if I'm living with two Swedes but meh. Just, meh. I mean obviously I can call the high school sometime in the coming month but I HATE not knowing things. I hate not being sure of how they'll turn out.

Also, I owe money to the uni I'm attending now, since i added classes after the term began. Which is not a big deal, since my financial aid for the spring will cover it. Still, who knows when that'll get there and classes dont start until January 20th. The aid will be there before then but still. Gah. I mean I can work to pay it off quicker but fuck, the timing on this thing just fucking BLOWS. I just really hope the transcript can get there in 12 days or I am royally fucked.

I worry a lot over important things and usually things end up going just fine. I mean, i really hope they do this time and that this is just me in panic mode because I want this so badly.

I can get in there, right?


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