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I haven't blogged in forever, which is a little sad since I used to love it. I think most of the focus for my writing in recent years has been for RP, which is perfectly fine! I just feel like maybe I should get back into posting here regularly rather than spamming my poor Plurk timeline with minutiae.

A lot has happened since I last posted. I met a guy, dated him, talked about moving in and marriage, started therapy for my anxiety, researched a lot for my master's, broke up with the guy, wound up getting deported from Sweden, bounced around Minneapolis for a few months, and finally settled in the lovely city of Fargo, North Dakota with some friends who had just purchased a huge house. It's been a very wild ride and I'm still nowhere close to where I'd like to be, but I'm working on it!

Mainly by trying to find a decent job. I've been looking in Fargo since I moved here, and as yet, nothing. I imagine it's because my resume lacks any work history for the past five years, which is sort of a thing that happens when you pursue a master's degree in another country. But when my resume is placed next to hundreds of people who don't have that gap, it's fairly easy to see why I haven't been hired anywhere yet. I've come very close, but at this point it's looking a little dire.

Which is why I'm now looking very seriously into teaching English in Asia. I have a bachelor's degree, so the first (and sometimes only) big requirement is met. And in countries like China where the cost of living is absurdly low, I'd be able to live well and save up a little. Which will be good, since I plan on returning to Sweden as soon as I can to pursue a master's. The one I attempted before has ceased to exist, but there are others!

That, and I'm going to therapy for the anxiety again. Amazingly enough this is happening right here in Fargo, which I never believed could happen. But I'm insured by the state under the Affordable Care Act, which amazes me. I'm also having my right eye treated, as I'm having issues seeing.

But things are good right now, and I'm hoping to make them better!


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